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SkyNest hammock tent is designed to meet your most demanding camping need and make your exploring the outdoors easier. Whether you are exploring in the wilderness or camping in the country, just bring a SkyNest hammock tent and you will feel comfortable and safe without worrying about sun ray, wind, rain, snow, mosquito bites, or even you can challenge any environment! We will be crowdfunding on Kickstarter soon.





This is an innovative product that integrates the design of hammock, mosquito net and rainfly tarp. Different from traditional hammocks, it can be installed in a modular manner and can also be used separately.   It meet the needs of multiple usage scenarios.    It is ultra-light and portable, quick setup, and has large internal space.   It can be placed on the ground and used like a tent.

Ultra-light And Portable

The whole package weighs just 3.3pounds. With a package size of 11 inches x 6.7 inches x 6.7 inches, it is small and portable and can fit into backpacks. This hammock tent is perfect for taking out on outdoor adventures.(The data above is measured manually and the actual products are allowed to fluctuate by 2%)


Setting up a hammock tent has never been easier. Say goodbye to the hassle of complex tutorials and required tools that can take up your time and energy! This versatile hammock tent takes just 1 minute to set up! Give you more time to experience nature.

Once the rainfly tarp is set up, the hammock and mosquito net are set up, you just lie in. 

Large Interior Space

The internal cross-section of an ordinary ridge hammock is triangular, and the mosquito net is often attached to the face when sleeping.  The internal cross-section of SkyNest hammock is pentagon, the mosquito net extends outward, does not attach to the face, is very comfortable, and there is no need to consider space limitations in the hammock.

SkyNest hammock tent offers plenty of space without feeling suffocating. You can stretch out freely in it.

Modular Design

SkyNest hammock tent integrates a hammock, canopy, mosquito net, as well as compatible with a camping mat and underquilt.

The hammock and rain fly tarp can be completely separated and used independently 

Unzip the two zippers on the hammock,they are separated.

Mosquito nets can be rolled up under the tarp.

Porch Mode: Hammock with rainfly tarp: There is more space under the rainfly tarp for cooking and activities. The hammock become chair mode. With two poles, the tarp become porch mode.

It is easy to remove the hammock or rainfly tarp When you take off the carabiners of the hammock or tarp from the straps.

Hammock and rainfly tarp can be used independently.

Hammock mode

When you don't need mosquito and rain protection, hammock can be used alone like regular ridge hammock, in the backyard, in the park, and on any trip.

The hammock comes with a storage bag.

Multifunctional tarp mode

This rainfly tarp can meet different outdoor scenes. It can be used as hammock awning, tent waterproof cloth, shelter, canopy and so on.  The Settings of the tarp shape can be adjusted to suit multiple uses in different situations, protecting you and your gear from rain, wind, sun and even snow!

Rainfly tarp can be setup anywhere you need.  The fabric has added a UV protection agent, UPF50+, which effectively blocks UV rays and protects your skin from UV rays. *Poles are not included with the Kickstarter rewards.

Double-layer design

The double-layer bottom design of the hammock is very strong and durable, and you don't have to worry about the ultra-light hammock suddenly tearing. We commissioned SGS to carry out a test on the load-bearing capacity of 200kg for this hammock. The actual test was carried out by 1.2 times the weight , namely 240kg, for 24 hours, and the test result was passed.

Nevertheless, we recommend that this hammock not bear more than 200kg.(450lbs).

Camping mat can be installed at the bottom

The bottom of the hammock is double-layer design, and the camping mat can be tucked into the middle to provide great support for your back, and the night sleep is more comfortable, which is good news for those who like to sleep on their side. 

Specially, we set webbing loops with hooks on the inner edge of the double layers to hold the mat with elastic ropes. Fixed  diagonally and prevent it from moving. You will not have to worry about bottom insulation. We recommend using mats with rounded corners, which are better suited for diagonal use in hammocks. As you know, you will lie flat diagonally.

We also specially designed a special inflatable mat, added four mounting holes with Silicone rings to match the webbing loops of the hammock to prevent the mat from moving.  Fixed diagonally and lie flat. This special inflatable mat is an add on option.

For easy observation, we fixed the mat on the hammock diagonally, and when the person lies on it and turns over repeatedly, the mat don't move. When the mat fixed between the two hammock layers, the effect is the same.

Special settings for the underquilt

With four hooks on each edge of the hammock, you can easily hang the underquilt in winter to keep the bottom of the hammock warm. 

SkyNest hammock is perfect for camping in cold weather with underquilt and overquilt.

Ground Mode: UL-Tent

Even without trees, you can build a self-contained shelter almost anywhere with trekking poles or found sticks.

With the help of two hammock straps (or ropes) and hammock ridgeline and tent stakes, the pyramidal, triangular vertebral skeleton is a very stable structure.  The hammock rainfly tarp fits into this structure to form a solid ground tent. *Trekking poles are not included with the Kickstarter rewards.

Whatever the wilderness, SkyNest hammock tent is a must-have camping kit for adventurers.   This is the perfect gift for all outdoor enthusiasts on their upcoming outdoor adventure trip.

Two-side Entrance

The unique zipper design makes both sides of the hammock tent are entrances, people in and out of the hammock tent is very convenient.  You don't have to think about, or worry about, installing the hammock tent, finding a tree or other obstruction in the doorway, and then disassembling the hamtent tent and installing it again

Two double open end zippers are arranged in the middle of the hammock side to open and close the mosquito net, allowing access to the hammock tent from both sides.

Getting in and out of the hammock tent is very easy.

Fabric Technology

The rainfly tarp adopts 20D ripstop nylon fabric coated silicon. It's waterproof PU3000mm, UPF50+. light weight and durable. 

The outer layer of hammock bottom is 20D nylon waterproof PU 2000mm, just like the bottom of the ultra-light tent, preventing rain from entering the hammock from the bottom. 

Keep the inner of hammock dry even when the storm hits.

The inner layer of Hammock bottom is made of 20D ripstop nylon fabric,which is tear-resistant, durable and high load-bearing. Stand the test of time.

The inner layer of hammock in contact with the human body is a soft skin-friendly fabric, which makes people feel very comfortable and breathable.

Professional Detail

We design carefully in every detail, in order to make users feel convenient and practical.

Multi-purpose accessory bag

The utility bag on the ridge rope can store your small items, such as your phone, glasses, keys, and an one-liter water bottle, the bag is tilted so that the bottle won't slip off.

Three-stage wind rope system

The head of the wind rope is designed with elastic webbing and adjusting buckle, so that it has a cushioning effect on the hammock, and it is also easy to fix the support rod(when you want porch mode) and adjust the wind rope. We also added a stretch rope at the end of the wind rope to make it easier to get in and out of the hammock under the tarp.

Wind ropes for storage

The wind ropes are hidden in the triangular bags of the rainfly tarp, which prevents the rope from becoming tangled.

Unique buckle setting for tarp door

The unique door buckle setting can close the side door quickly when cold or wind.   And the same side door can be easily fixed on the tarp when you need air in hot day.  This eliminate the trouble of tying the rope.

It's Not Only For Camping!

It is not only a set of camping equipment, but also an attitude towards life. Maintain comfort and safety during outdoor adventures, lie flat diagonally, balance the force to prevent rollover, safe and comfortable without back pain. Spend your evenings outdoors in comfort. Keep one in your car or backpack so you never miss a hanging opportunity. It is a free and easy way of life, which you dream.