Brand Creation:

With the demand for personalized and differentiated products in the market, the company has increased its innovative research and development efforts, and has obtained more than 40 national patents in the field of outdoor camping equipment. Whether you are a novice or experienced professional in hammock camping, we are constantly breaking through the boundaries of hammock camping, creating new products and equipment to improve our customers' hammock experience. With the professional knowledge of our team members and the experience of our clients, we continuously strive to improve the product line that hammocks and ground campers like. This combination of professional knowledge and high expectations is the foundation of our mission as an outdoor entertainment equipment manufacturer.

More than 40 original design patents

Brand positioning:

Focusing on off ground camping equipment, with humanized and personalized design, we specialize in the development and design of world-class high-quality outdoor product brands.

Brand philosophy:

We are committed to creating outdoor products that combine comfort and functionality, providing customers with safe and comfortable products, allowing every outdoor sports and travel enthusiast to enjoy home like comfort.

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Offline experience and communication activities:

Hold offline communication activities from time to time, welcome to experience and exchange.